BTC to go through 45k?


Last 7 days were completely different compared to last weeks, as BTC reached 44K yesterday. This positive trend of 13% for the last 7 days, looks like won’t be stopped now. BTC had a terrible January, losing more than $10k in its value ,but finally it looks like it’s mounting a comeback.

The break above $43,000 could cause the current up move to target toward the $45,000 level. $45k is the next major resistance and if passed, BTC could accelerate even higher.On the downside an immediate support is near the $43,800 level and the after this price the next support is near $43,500 level. If the price goes down this level it may start a downside correction.



The same situation looks for other altcoins, as Ethereum reached again $3,000 ( +12% 7d), Ripple $0.85 (+37%, 7d) , Cardano $1.18(+12% , 7d) , Litecoin $135(+22%. 7d) etc.

Also,the two most known memecoins look reborned as Dogecoin reached $0,15 (+12% , 7d) and Shiba Inu reached $0.0000329(+51% , 7d)

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