Ukraine crisis: Bitcoin and altcoins fall by 15%

Cryptocurrency market down up to 15% as Russia announces military operation in Ukraine. Bitcoin’s price dropped below $36,000 and it’s the lowest point since July 2021. Ethereum’s price today is $2,395, almost 12% lower compared to the last 24 hours.

This panic sell witnessed today that cryptocurrencies are vulnerable to any global crisis, many experts said. Taking history into perspective, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we witnessed one of the biggest crashes in stocks and crypto. However, both assets recovered to new all-time highs in the next 18 months. So, the current crisis also presents an opportunity to invest in these assets at a lower price.

Experts still expect Bitcoin’s price to rise above $100,000 at some point. But, even if you invest now to buy the dip , you should be prepared  for cryptos to fall even more. And we repeat again , put in what you’re comfortable with losing. This crazy volatility may continue for days, or even weeks. But if you can tolerate this volatility , the future may look bright , as the long term picture remains the same. If you want to buy your first coins now , please click here and you will be redirected to another helping page.

Today is a crazy day not only for cryptocurrencies, as many financial markets are having big changes.

Commodities are all up to 6%, as gold rises to 2%, Crude oil 6.44%, Natural gas 5.8%, Aluminium 5.1%. On the other hand indices are down : MIB 3.4%, Dax 3.5%, Dow Jones 1.74%, IBEX 3%, SP 500 1.68%.